Logo Design

Enabling you to market your company or product more effectively!

Eagle Imagery delivers distinctive, memorable and effective graphic design solutions

Specialising in exclusive and original logo design, Eagle Imagery can help you to:

  • Establish brand loyalty
  • Retain brand loyalty
  • Gain more clients
  • Increase sales

Logo Design - A Reflection of Your Objectives

High Quality Logo Design Makes a Difference!

Your business never gets a second chance to make a good first impression! You owe it to yourself to create a positive impact on your clients' first impressions of your business.

Your logo is a graphic representation of your company name, trade mark or brand.

A unique logo, recognisable identity or 'corporate logos' have become an essential part of business strategy and success, therefore it's vital that proper consideration is given to this aspect. A professional logo designer should be commissioned to carry out the work.

Eagle Imagery will make you stand out from your competitors with a unique, eye-catching and effective logo design!

Graphic Design

Promoting your business using high quality graphic design is paramount in any financial climate. Eagle Imagery specialises in logo design and can undertake most other design projects; from stationery design and advertising through to in-game graphics, digital photo retouching and flyer design.

For some recent examples of how you can benefit from working with a professional designer; please take a look at the professional graphic design services offered by a graphic designer who knows how important your business is and how it is perceived by your market.

International Clientele

Your relationship with Eagle Imagery will be both friendly and industrious. Eagle Imagery works with you throughout the design process via email with regular updates for review and critique.

Based in the UK, clients from the United States, Norway, Germany, Australia, India and Singapore to name but a few have all benefitted from using the services of Eagle Imagery.

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Custom Logo Design

Logos designed by Eagle Imagery are unique; sold once and once only. Clipart is not used - ever!

For logos (and certain other projects), you will receive a 'Copyright Assignment Agreement' which gives you full ownership and full legal rights to your design.

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You only have a fleeting moment to make a good impression to your potential clients, make that moment count with a Logo Design by Eagle Imagery.


Eagle Imagery News

Several Logos designed by Eagle Imagery have been selected by the international judging panel for Logo Design Book 'LogoLounge 2'.

Published by Rockport and available in bookshops now!

Check out Logo Lounge 2

High Quality Logo Design Logo Lounge 2 - Eagle Imagery

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